Metal Roof Flashing & Cap Services

Expert Metal Roof Flashing & Cap Professionals

My Roofers Auckland offer flashing and caps services to residential and commercial projects no matter the job size.

Roof flashing helps close joints in walls or to keep water from seeping into the building’s structure. We ensure our work always redirects the flow of water and any debris that sink in from the roof or the surrounding roof features, such as vents, chimneys and skylights. Without flashing against these walls, water could drip into the crevices between the wall and roof, and potentially into the building with disastrous consequences.

At my Roofers Auckland, we make use of pre-painted custom-made flashings for all our projects. These come in different forms of steel, zinc, alumunium, stainless steel and copper with varying lengths and thickness depending on the customer’s needs.

If you have a new project and need to install a new skylight, you must also engage an expert to affix the flashings. Both the skylight and roof flashing can be done by our team of experts with fantastic results.

We have the capabilities and experience to ensure ensure that your flashing is properly constructed and attached to direct water to where it needs to go. For maximum protection, it’s crucial that flashings are installed correctly to ensure that water is not entering the structure.

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